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Buy Crocus sativus from Bloembollenbedrijf J.C.Koot

The Crocus sativus, or saffron crocus, has been used for centuries to grow the special herb saffron. This is the most expensive spice in the world and therefore very popular for this reason. Of course it is possible to purchase this herb directly in the store, but this often means that you have no insight into the cultivation process and you often do not know whether there are all kinds of additives. For this reason, it is often preferred to grow saffron yourself by means of Crocus sativus bulbs. At Sativus.com you can buy this saffron crocus of the highest quality.

Crocus sativus bulbs from our own nursery

Sativus.com originated from Bloembollenbedrijf J.C.Koot and we first became acquainted with the unique Crocus crop in the eighties. Although we used to focus on growing all kinds of different flower bulb crops, we soon realized that our future lay in the Crocus sativus. As a result, we have started to specialize and expand our nursery with this cultivation, which has resulted in us being the most important wholesaler in the Netherlands, selling our saffron crocus in more than 50 countries. Thanks to our many years of experience, nothing is unknown to us when cultivating the Crocus sativus. We lay the perfect foundation for you, so that you can buy a saffron crocus without any worries and grow your own saffron.

Which saffron crocus to buy?

As you may have already discovered, we offer organic and conventional saffron bulbs in our webshop. These are the same type of bulbs, but there is an important difference in the cultivation process. Organic Crocus sativus bulbs are, you guessed it, grown completely organically. This means that no chemical crop protection agents are used during the cultivation process and, of course, these bulbs have a European organic certificate.

Our conventional Crocus sativus bulbs are grown sustainably with minimal use of chemical crop protection agents and fertilizers during this cultivation. With this method of cultivation, we use high-quality compost and soil improvers such as green manure to improve and maintain the soil condition and soil life in our grounds.

In addition to the choice between conventional and organic bulbs, you can choose from different bulb sizes. The larger the bulb size, the better and more flowering the bulbs will give in the first year after planting. In addition, larger bulbs develop faster and better, so that the flowering percentage will increase in subsequent years.

Growth cycle Crocus sativus

The Crocus sativus is lifted every year at the end of June or the beginning of July. After the harvesting and processing process, the bulbs receive a special temperature treatment and are prepared for sale. This process ensures that we can provide you with the best quality. We can supply these bulbs from the end of July to September. Due to the growth cycle, there will be no more deliveries at the end of September until the next period. Prior to this period, from November to July, it is possible to buy the saffron bulbs by placing a preorder through our webshop. The orders are processed in the order of receipt and are shipped as soon as possible after the harvesting and treatment process.

Buy saffron bulbs to grow saffron

The Crocus sativus has been cultivated for centuries for the flavorful spice saffron, but was also used in the past as a dye and medicine, for example. Because of the many health benefits of saffron, we also see the use of this spice in many ways today. Saffron has a strong smell and a slightly bitter and earthy taste and is used in the kitchen to add flavor and color to all kinds of different dishes and products. You can think of fish dishes, vegetables, rice, as well as drinks or sweets and even tobacco. However, adding flavor and color is not the only beneficial effect of saffron, as various studies have shown that it is extremely healthy and can help reduce physical complaints. Due to the many health benefits of saffron, this spice is increasingly used in beauty products such as facial masks to keep the skin clean and healthy and in tablet form as dietary supplements. The possibilities of buying and using a saffron crocus are therefore endless and this is precisely the reason why more and more people are deciding to buy saffron bulbs and start growing them themselves.

Always the best advice

When you first start growing Crocus sativus, you may not know exactly how to get started. In this case, however, you don't have to worry, as you can always count on expert advice from Sativus.com. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can tell you exactly what is involved in growing these plants, so that you can achieve the highest possible quality yourself. If you have any questions about the cultivation of Crocus sativus, we advise you to contact us directly and ask your questions.

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