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Purchases made through our webshop will be shipped by DPD.

DPD is the premier provider of postal and parcel services in the Netherlands. DPD works closely with national and international postal services and private delivery partners in order to offer customers the most comprehensive and reliable network for delivery of their mail and parcels.

DPD offers a free online international tracking system. Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an unique barcode. With this barcode you can easily monitor the parcel online and within a few clicks, you know if your item is underway or if it has already reached its destination.


Saffron bulbs, the Crocus Sativus can be ordered in our webshop throughout the year but will be available for delivery from late July to late September. Orders will be processed in order of receipt and will be shipped as soon as possible after 26 July 2021. Orders placed during the months of August and September will be processed and shipped within 2 business days.

Uk deliveries

Because the UK is no longer part of the European Union after Brexit and the free movement of goods and people is no longer be possible, a new phytosanitary requirement applies to the Crocus sativus bulbs that are sent to the UK.

This new requirement is that a phytosanitary certificate must be added to every shipment we send to the UK. This phytosanitary certificate, including the export inspection that the Flower Bulb Inspection Service carries out before the bulbs leave the Netherlands, costs 175 euros regardless of the size of the shipment.

To prevent our retail customers in the UK paying high costs for only a small order, we work with a partner who is already based in the UK. We send all small orders together to our partner in the UK who will successively send the different packages of Crocus sativus bulbs to the different customers.

Because we send 1 large batch of Crocus sativus bulbs to the UK, only 1 phytosanitary certificate is needed, which saves considerably in the costs per order.

However, you should keep in mind that we will ship this batch of Crocus sativus bulbs in the second week of August and that you can expect your order after the third week of August, well before the recommended planting time of the end of August.

To avoid disappointment, we therefore recommend that you order your Crocus sativus saffron bulbs in time.

If you are in the UK and you are interested in purchasing our saffron bulbs, please contact us for the actual shipping costs.

Shipping costs overview

Country:Shipping costs:*Free Shipping on orders over:Transit time in business days:
United Kingdom (excl. Gibraltar, Channel Islands)   
Netherlands€ 6.50€ 50.001
Belgium€ 8.27€ 75.001
Germany€ 8.34€ 75.002
Luxembourg€ 10.40€ 75.002-3
France (excl. Monaco, Corsica, Andorra and overseas territories)€ 12.61€ 100.002-3
Denmark (excl. Greenland and the Faroe Islands)€ 12.04€ 75.002-3
Italy (excl. San Marino and Vatican City)€ 15.89€ 150.003-6
Austria€ 10.89€ 75.003-4
Portugal (excl. Azores and Madeira)€ 16.33€ 150.003-5
Spain (excl. Balearic Islands and Canary Islands)€ 17.66€ 175.003-5
Finland€ 24.46€ 225.004-5
Ireland€ 16.40€ 175.003-4
Sweden€ 16.63€ 150.002-4
Hungary€ 16.89€ 150.003-5
Poland€ 14.37€ 150.003-5
Slovenia€ 15.82€ 150.004-5
Slovakia€ 15.96€ 150.003-5
Czech Republic€ 15.30€ 150.003-5
Bulgaria€ 27.52-4-6
Romania€ 27.29-4-5
Estonia€ 17.34€ 150.005
Latvia€ 19.43€ 175.004-5
Lithuania€ 19.43€ 175.004-5
Croatia€ 28.67-4-6

* The option Free Shipping is valid only for orders up to 7,500 bulbs, made in our webshops.

The shipping costs include the VAT rate that applies in the relevant country of receipt.

Please note!

Due to the UK's withdrawal from the European Union in 2021, we currently do not offer shipping to UK customers in our web shop due to the additional UK phytosanitary requirements for Crocus sativus bulbs and the additional costs involved.
Customers from the United Kingdom are requested to contact us if they are interested in our saffron bulbs.

We ship to all countries within the European Union. If you are a customer from outside the EU and you are interested to buy from us, please contact us by email for our world-wide shipping options.

Before you send us an email, please check whether we ship to your country and whether additional phytosanitary requirements apply. You can do this on our page about our worldwide shipping options.


Pick up

It's also possible to come and pick up your order at our company the Netherlands.
Once your order stands ready to be picked up, we will send you a message. You can then make an appointment by email to come and pick up your order whenever it suits you.