Daffodil "Tête-à-Tête" 25 bulbs of size 11/12
Article code 180007
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Daffodil "Tête à Tête" is a delightful dwarf narcissus that, early in the year, announces the springtime in your garden with its buttercup-yellow flowers. This daffodil, which does not exceed 20 cm, is one of the most popular varieties and is easy to grow
Daffodil "Butter and Eggs" 10 bulbs of size 14/16
Article code 180006
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Daffodil "Butter and Eggs" is a double-flowered variety that has been is cultivation for over 200 years. The name of this daffodil is undoubtedly derived from the coloration in the flowers, which changes from a light butter yellow to an egg yolk orange.
Daffodil "Apotheose" 10 bulbs of size 16/18
Article code 180005
Daffodil "Apotheose" is a golden-yellow, double-flowered variety whose heart is mixed with corrugated soft-orange petals. The flowers produce a light, sweet scent that attracts butterflies, bees and other pollinators in the garden.
Daffodil "Delnashaugh" 10 bulbs of size 12/14
Article code 180004
Daffodil "Delnashaugh" is a sweetly scented double daffodil with rounded cream-white petals surrounding a center filled with short, ruffled apricot-pink segments.
Daffodil "Cheerfulness" 10 bulbs of size 15/17
Article code 180003
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Daffodil "Cheerfulness" has very fragrant, creamy-white flowers which appear in clusters on top of the upright stems. The fully double flowers look ruffled and are said to resemble carnations.
Daffodil "Cassata" 10 bulbs of size 14/16
Article code 180001
Daffodil "Cassata" has a yellow crown that folds back against the white star-shaped perianth. During flowering she turns from lemon yellow to creamy white, but remains an eye-catching appearance.
Daffodil "Ice King" 10 bulbs of size 14/16
Article code 180002
Daffodil "Ice King" has beautiful cream-yellow flowers with a completely double, sulfur yellow cup decorated with white highlights.