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15 Feb 2018

The most delicious dishes with saffron

Saffron used as a spice in the kitchen, gives your dishes a specific bittersweet aroma, similar to that of honey and hay together. However, the best known characteristic of saffron, is that it gives your dishes a nice yellow color.

Saffron is used in small quantities, usually a few saffron threads are sufficient to give a dish sufficient color and flavor.

In this blog we will give you some tasty world cuisine recipes in which saffron is used as one of the most important ingredients.

If you would like to share your own great recipe with saffron, we invite you to send it to us. We will place your recipe with pleasure on our website!

Dear Frank,

Thank you very much for your comment on our saffron recipes blog.

You made me very curious about the Pennsylvania Dutch "chicken, corn noodle soup" :-)
If you have a recipe for this soup, we would be very glad if you could share it with us.


Jaap Koot - 20 Mar 2018 - 15:24
The best Pennsylvania Dutch "chicken, corn noodle soup" I ever had was at picnics serving chicken,corn, noodle soup with saffron
Frank Ditzler - 20 Mar 2018 - 13:38
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